What are the correct Access Point Name (APN) Internet settings for my phone?

An APN is the name (web address) of an access point for GPRS/EDGE/UMTS data connections. Mobile wireless carriers usually provide the APN to their end users.

To be able to connect biNu to the Internet, your phone needs proper settings. In general, there are two different settings:

biNu usually needs the Internet setting. Any settings including the letters MMS will not work. Make sure that you choose the correct Internet settings. The correct Internet settings will usually include your mobile carriers name and then GPRS, WAP or Internet.

To find out what your Internet settings should be, have a look at the Opera Mini connection website. Opera Mini connects in the same way as biNu.

How do I manually enter APN Internet settings on my phone?

Please consult your mobile phone manual or your phone manufacturers Web site.

I have the right settings, but biNu still doesnt work

There are devices that require a special configuration in addition to the right settings. Some Nokia phones require you to activate the settings as default in all applications. In addition, some Sony Ericsson phones require you to set the Settings for Java. Please contact your service provider if you continue to have problems.

How do I enter APN Internet settings on my Nokia Series 40 phone?

Starting from the point where you have already downloaded and installed biNu, but you are unable to load pages:

  1. Go into Settings.
  2. Go into Configuration.
  3. Go into Personal Configuration Settings.
  4. Now, press Add New (visible if you dont have a previous Personal Setting created) or press the Options button. When you have pressed the Options button, choose Add new.
  5. When you have pressed Add New, you will get a new menu, which will give several options to choose from.
  6. Now, scroll down and choose the Access Point and press Select. (Please note that this option is not available on the Nokia 3220 model and maybe on some more models, you can instead use the Services option instead of the Access Point option on the Nokia 3220.) Do not choose the Web option, since this will not work with biNu.
  7. Now go into Access Point Settings.
  8. Go into Bearer Settings.
  9. Go into Packet Data Access Point.
  10. Now, enter you APN address corresponding to your provider. Then press OK.
  11. Go back to the Personal Configurations Settings menu, where you now should be able to see an Access Point selected.
  12. Now press the Options button, and then choose to activate this Access Point.
  13. Now you should be able to start biNu.
  14. If you are still having problems with your Nokia S40 2.0 model of phone, please make sure that you have entered all the required information into the APN setting concerning proxy, user name, password, port etc.

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