You must answer 'Yes' to all app messages to allow biNu to connect!

If you do not let biNu connect to the internet, the app will not start.

biNu sends live information to your phone from around the world, so it must connect to your network (using data connection / GPRS). We have designed it to download as little data as possible - much less than any similar apps and 10 times less than standard mobile browsers.

You may have seen this message:
Allow application to use
network for sending and
receiving data?

This application is not
from a trusted supplier

Yes   |   No

This does not mean that biNu is bad or dangerous. The message is shown because this version is unsigned which makes the app easier to install. You can download a signed/trusted version of biNu from here, but you may find this version harder to install on your phone.

To experience the great features of biNu, please restart the app and click 'Yes' so that biNu can connect to the network.

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